Check Valves

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Check valves are used to prevent surge and water hammer due to flow reversal. The specially designed springs close the discs before flow reversal can occur. There are several types of check valves available, such as silent wafer type, silent globe type and double disc type. These check valves are available with Cast Iron, Bronze, Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Bodies.

The F91 Series, which is designed to fit inside the bolt circle of 125#/150# or 250#/300# flanges is available from 1 1/2" through 12" pipe size. The F105 and F107 Series, which are designed to bolt up to mating flanges, are available from 2" through 30" pipe size. The 71 Series, which is inside the bolt circle of the same ANSI class flanges, is available from 2" through 54" pipe sizes.

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